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What are humidi’s benefits?
Dry air actively pulls water from your skin, meaning moisturisers and serums don’t always cut it. humidi pumps moisture into the air, ensuring your home is at the correct humidity to look after your skin. Find out more benefits here.
What does Ultrasonic mean?
Without getting too tech, an ultrasonic humidifier uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce an extra fine water mist. This mist puts moisture into the air, increasing the humidity in the air.
Where and when should I use my humidi?
You can use humidi wherever you like! Whether it’s in your bedroom, lounge room, kitchen, you can even take her into the office. Due to her wireless battery, humidi can be easily moved from room to room.

Wait, she is wireless?
Yep, she is! Charge humidi up and take her to the office, to a friends, or even to a hotel when travelling.
How many litres of water does humidi hold and how long does she run for?
humidi holds 1000ML, equivalent to 1L. She continuously runs for up to 9 hours and has an auto off spray function, meaning she will automatically turn off after 9 hours and when out of water. Her digital battery also displays the battery life.
Can I use essential oils in my humidi?
No - humidi is intended to be used with water only, to ensure maximum moisture is pumped into the air. Essential oils can damage your humidi.

Do the night light turn on and off?
Of course! Sleep with it on or off - completely up to you.
Do I have to clean my humidi?
humidi is very easy to look after – just clean her once a week with water and a dash of vinegar.

How often do I have to change the H20 filter? 
Every three months. You receive two with your purchase so you're all set for six months. We will be stocking some on our website soon.
Where does humidi ship?
Standard shipping to anywhere and everywhere in Australia!
What exactly do I get with humidi?
You get a humidi (an ultrasonic humidifier), two H20 filters and a USB power cord.
What is humidi's returns policy?
If she is faulty please contact