How humidi can improve your overall health! 

Humidi and health go hand in hand!  Here we have listed out top three health benefits of using humidi! 
No one likes to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, so humidi is here to help! 
We know how important sleep is, but did you know that by using humidi through the night you can not only helps you hydrate your skin and hair but it can also assist you to breath better! Wow, how cool is that! 
Yep, by using humidi you can alleviate dry airways that can cause congestion and snoring - WIN!  
Without a little bit of humidity in the air, the simple act of breathing can be quite unpleasant. Dry air can lead to an itchy and irritated throat, which is just super annoying! Using humidi can help to clear your nasal passages from drying out or being irritated by allergies and hence will allow you to breath better. 
Cold and flu:  
Using humidi during the winter months may help prevent you from catching the flu! That’s right, studies have shown that by adding humidity to the air gives viruses a better chance of attaching to water vapor droplets (the humidi mist) instead of the viruses clinging to us and infecting us directly. So by using humidi throughout the day and night in winter you can combat dry air and therefore help you to avoid cold and flu symptoms! Yay for Humidi!