why you should add humidi to your beauty routine?

Whether you are getting ready for an event, for work or just for brunch with the girls,  

your beauty routine just became more glowy and hydrating! Wooo! 

Simply follow three hydrating steps! 

Step 1. Hydrate day and night  

Before doing your make up it is important that your skin is clean and hydrated to avoid creating dry, clogged or flaky skin. 

Using humidi throughout the night helps you to wake up with hydrated and fresh skin, so once you have further cleansed your skin with water or a cleanser your beauty routine is ready to go! 

Step 2. Keep your skin bestie by your side  

During your beauty routine we also recommend having humidi there by your side (not only cause she is super cute but) to ensure you are adding moisture back into the air which will then in turn continue to hydrate your skin (yay!)  

AND BONUS her magic mist adds to that gorgeous glowy look!   

Step 3. Now you’re ready to roll! 

Now that you are a hydrated beauty, it’s time to show off your gorgeous efforts to your friends or even take a few selfies!  #humidi