3x humidi hacks we think you’ll heart!

1. Putting on a fake tan?  

We are big fans of fake it don’t bake it but fake tanning can sometimes dehydrate and irritate your skin (so annoying)!  

Before putting your tan on, you need to ensure you have clean, exfoliated and hydrated skin. So, to ensure your skin is ready for tanning we suggest using humidi not only the days up until you tan but also during the tanning process!  

That’s right! – when you are about to apply your tan grab your humidi, turn her on, get naked and tan away!  

Plus, to help your tan last longer after you shower keep hydrating overnight with humidi!


2. House plants are reaping the humidi benefits too! 

Still managing to kill those house plants? Well, humidi is here to help!  

Just like you, your house plants don’t do well when the air is dry, so keep humidi near or next to them throughout the day to help them stay hydrated.  

Not only are you helping your skin, but your plant’s will love you more!  


3. Hangovers with humidi  

No one likes a hangover…especially your skin!   

One of the biggest effect’s alcohol can have on your skin is dehydration.  

So after a big night with one too many cocktails, grab yourself your humidi, a powerrade and turn on the Netflix.  

Keep the hydration up! #humidihacks